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Inductors, Coils & Reactors.
Used in electrical engineering, electronics & music technology.

Inductorsare the second type of reactive component, formerly called coils or reactors. Reactance is positive, proportional to frequency. Current drawn is said to lag behind Voltage applied, by 90 degrees. This is less perplexing than the 90 degree lead claimed for capacitors. Reasons are however, often not clearly explained & real phase relationships are more complex.

Sine Wave

Sine Voltage/Current A plot of Voltage in white & the resultant current in purple. This clearly shows the current lagging behind the Voltage by 90 degrees. A similiar drawing appears in many text books & web sites. Only part of a continuous waveform is represented however.

No idea is given of what happens if this is the start of a waveform. The suggestion that applying a zero positive Voltage will cause an instantaneous maximum negative current is obviously wrong. Rather like the erroneous suggestion of predictive current in capacitors.

Sine Voltage/Current This similiar plot is correct, but it is cheating. Starting with the Voltage at its maximum level bypasses the question. Connecting at the zero Voltage crossing requires a different current waveform for the first half cycle.

This is not covered in any literature I have seen. Most state that current causes the Voltage rather than the other way round. Connecting a small mains transformer across a mains supply indicates otherwise. It will be discussed shortly, together with reasons for the phase delay.

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Electrical engineering & music technology are usually taught by two kinds of people. The first have a superficial grasp of the intricacies involved, but may teach well. The second know their subject, possibly former practical engineers. Frequently with less ability when it comes to actually imparting knowledge. Impatient of those unable to grasp what seems obvious to them.

There is a third kind of tutor. Someone with a deep intuitive grip on the subject, experience & the patience to pass their knowledge on. Such a person is very rare, Few are accorded the privilege of being taught by someone of this calibre. It is also likely that they have discovered the inadequacy of mainstream theory when applied to cutting edge technology.

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